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Welcome to our workshop weekend!

The event is over


in Swiss Francs = CHF

Package of

6 Workshops

CHF 150.-

CHF 25.- per WS

Package of

4 Workshops

CHF 105.-

CHF 26.25 per WS

Package of

2 Workshops

CHF 55.-

CHF 27.50 per WS

Chacarera introduction*

CHF 25.-

CHF 35.- in total in combination with the milonga afterwards

A single


CHF 30.-


CHF 20.-

*No prior registration needed for the Chacarera introduction on Friday and for the Peña on Saturday.

You can pay them in cash in Swiss Francs at the entrance
(though you can add peña to your registration in case you book at least one of the main workshops).

Registration: prices

Registration process


Each workshop has place for the maximum of 30 participants.

First come - first serve.

The registration takes place with Google Forms.

Please mark your chosen workshops in your registration form.


We will calculate your packages.
Example: if you register for 5 workshops, the price will be:

Package of 4 + 1 Workshop, giving the price of CHF 135.-

Besides, please read our

Within few days after submitting your registration you will receive an email with payment details.  
The registration fee is due the lastest 10 days after you receive the email.

If we do not receive the fee in time, unfortunately your reservation will be cancelled and freed for other participants without further notice or reminders.

After the final confirmation please make sure to book your trip and your accomodation in advance :)

We are looking forward to you!

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