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Maria Jose & Ismael


Maria Jose: oben

Maria Jose Olivera and Ismael Martinez are a renowned and experienced dance couple from La Rioja in Argentina. We know them from the project Online Folk and are happy to finally learn from them in person.

Maria Jose and Ismael will teach us various popular Argentine dances. They bring a particular "flavour" from La Rioja into their style and classes. The workshops can be visited separately, but they also build one upon another, so you will profit the most by taking all the dance workshops.

Maria Jose and Ismael have gathered numerous achievements. They are winners of both Precosquin and Festival Nacional de la Zamba in 2000. They are participants and teachers of participants of many regional and national competitions.


They work with Ballet de la municipalidad de La Rioja. And finally they are teaching all over Argentina with project "Pañuelos con aires riojanos",
working together with many important musicians, dancers and representants of folklore.

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